Company introduction


        BZLJ are a manufacturer of composite materials in Beijing, China. Since the foundation in 1996, we have been specializing in research, development and production of ballistic and AT- Flex UD materials .

        BZLJ have established a set of advanced, stable and large-scale production system of continuous UD material by introducing advanced UD material production technology and equipment from abroad, working with the famous ballistic material laboratory . Employing a variety of special and customized "Nano- black polyurethane resin ",and “Carbon Nano- tube technology “, the comprehensive stability of the product has been greatly improved.

        BZLJ found a new application for one of our amazing products - AT Flex UD for permitting an effective reduction of the impact depth. This materials is light ,thin, and high temperature resistance and has the sufficient flexibility to reduce blunt trauma behind the ballistic pack .

        BZLJ can produce more series Aramid fiber and UHMWPE fiber continuous unidirectional (UD) fabrics.

        Application: Suitable for various soft bulletproof vests, soft ballistic panels, bulletproof helmets, armor plates, ballistic shield and different kinds of armor panels.